A High Fashion Signature to Beauty

14 February 2022
A High Fashion Signature to Beauty

Data and researches are decisive in the subject that beauty world is a gray and uncertain area for fashion brands. According to report that published by Fact. MR, sales are 77 billion dollars in 2021 predicted will be 140 billion dollars in 2031. This situation transforms the gray area to colorful play area. Number of new brands that enter the play proves the rise of the beauty world. The sector already created its millionaires even its billionaires. Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics and Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty prove themselves in this subject. Also they inspire Kim Kardashian, Hasley, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez.

 When this is the case and the players that are in the cosmetics world start to increase, the brands of the high and powerful names cannot be unmindful of this situation. Yes, most of the brands enter this area via perfumes. The seniors like Chanel, Tom Ford, Christian Dior listens the consumers and continues to the production with innovation of image and strategy powerfully. The label “Welovecoco” that Channel popularizes and the Backstage collection that reflects Dior’s new face are one of these steps.

Instead of watching the rise of the colorful cosmetics, brands that want to take a slice from the cake increase day by day like their rivals. Gucci, Hermés and Valentino are the first names that come to mind. Well, what is the story behind the interest of the luxury brands to the colorful cosmetics?

One of the links bind the high fashion and colorful cosmetics is the change of order of importance. Every season, we talk about beauty trends like fashion trends. We admire the Valentino dress that Carrie in “And Just Like That” at the same time we watch the videos like “ How to do make up Cassie in Euphoria” Now, not just your street style also your make up is your self-expression. This focus split makes the cosmetics world a powerful piece of the market.

A High Fashion Signature To Beauty

Another reason of the investment increase of the luxury cosmetics is availability. The fashion giants want to touch not only their main consumer but also new and different demographical consumers. Of course, without giving up their luxury perception. Therefore, make up products can be seen on shelves as cheap prices of brand’s products. A fashionista that doesn’t want to pay 2.000 dollars to a sweatshirt with Gucci label can have a lipstick that carries the vision of Alessandro Michele with paying 42 dollars. Gucci Beauty debuting in 2019, selling 1 billion tube lipstick in their first month proven to this situation.

In this situation we can’t skip the power of the social media. The trend of logomania, the influencer effect that triggering buying impulses and embedding luxury brand awareness increase the interest to the products that carry the signature of Gucci, Valentino and Hermés. Not only their quality but also their packaging qualification of Instagramizable and attractive play a great role in the sales. For this reason, brands enter the cosmetics world with lipstick collection and portable products. Like Mondrian art Hermés tube that you take in your bag and use whenever you want or chain handle blusher that is compatible with micro bag trend allows you to be worn in high fashion.

A High Fashion Signature To Beauty

Fashion sector still takes the biggest share from the sell. However market of cosmetics shows itself as a rival with its growth momentum. According to researching company McKinsey’s data, the sales that decreases because of pandemic will recuperate in 3 years for ready to wear but for cosmetics sector, this time will be 2 years.

Victoria Beckham’s fashion empire declares that its brand lose 16,8 billion sterlin in the last year, but its beauty arm Victoria Beckham Beauty gains 7,3 billion sterlin with its lipstick collection called Posh in one year. When you look at it, the numbers and the trend coincide. High fashion beauty can be a powerful allied with iconic brand and also can open new play area to fashion giants at the market that changes rapidly. Well, which powerful name will be the next player in such colorful world?