7 Steps to Travel Eco-Friendly

Here are 7 ways to reduce our carbon footprint and travel sustainably while traveling…

We are influenced by values of the destinations that we visit and touch cultures. For instance, the Kingdom of Bhutan says, “Happiness is a place”. So much so that, we can find peace in Bhutan, a lush green kingdom miles away, or in an Aegean town on a weekend gateway. And to be continue this happiness, we should protect nature on our journeys. In other words, from now on, we need to travel in a sustainable way. So, what can be in our plans for a sustainable travel?

  • Choose Eco-Friendly Destinations

According to Jim Sano, Vice President of the WWF, choosing a destination that pays attention to wildlife and protects the nature is the first step for a sustainable travel. According to the 2022 Environmental Performance Index, Denmark is the most sustainable country in the world. European countries like Sweden, Finland and the UK follow Denmark, whilst Slovenia also finds a place in the top 10.

  • Sustainable Transportation

After choosing an eco-friendly destination and packing your bags, the second step on the list is to choose transportation companies that minimize carbon emissions so that you can set off with peace of mind. Airlines such as United, Air France and Qantas are some of the transportation companies that aim to reduce carbon emissions. Direct flights can also be preferred instead of connecting flights. Also, the railroad can be chosen since trains carbon emissions less 10 times than flying. Orient Express and Belmond Andean Explorer are two of the companies that aim to reduce carbon emissions on their journeys.

  • Shop from Local Producers

According to the World Tourism Organization, only $5 of every $100 spent on a trip goes to local producers. One of the easiest and most “delicious” ways to support local producers during your trip is to eat at local restaurants. This way, you can support local farmers and the economy, and prevent the carbon emissions caused by the transfer of food from far away. And of course, the most enjoyable part will be experiencing new tastes.

  • Avoid Plastic Waste

The first indispensable rule of an environmentally friendly and sustainable life: reduce plastic consumption. In order to follow this golden rule, you can use recyclable plastics for your packaging and recyclable containers for the food you take with you, rather than single-use plastics. Travelers Against Plastic is a good guide to help reducing the use of plastic on your travels.

  • Lightweight Suitcases

Heavy luggage means heavy airplanes. A heavier aircraft will use more fuel than a lighter aircraft. That’s why, it is always best to pack light, both for the environment and to reduce your own burden.

  • Eco-Friendly Travel Companies

If you are planning a vacation with a tour company, you can consider tour companies that will keep your carbon footprint to a minimum during the vacation, and you can choose tour companies that use environmentally friendly transportation routes and travel with small groups. If you want to experience both a sustainable and an experience travel before the end of summer, Sayga Travel is a local company you can consider.

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