10 Products That Improve Your Health

30 December 2022
10 Products That Improve Your Health

From healthy fat sources to carbohydrate sources, from spices to tea, from nutritional yeast to hemp seeds, I’ve brought together brands that support anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrition, guaranteed to improve and protect gut health.

Note: I identified these products by trying over time, I bought those all, which means none of those are advertisements. 

Even though we know which products are beneficial, we cannot be sure of which brands’ ingredients are clean and the way they are grown is reliable; we cannot get rid of the questions swirling in our minds, such as whether drugs are used, how is the packaging done, and whether they are really innocent as they say. That’s why, I wanted to share with you the brands that I am sure are healthy with my own research and experience.

We all know that we need to start the changes we will make in our lives without nutrition so that we can talk about wellness, that is, the state of being healthy. Healthy intestines open the door to whole body and brain health, and even invite all healthy cells inside. Vitamins and minerals, pigments, antioxidants, prebiotics and fibers provided by what we eat regulate the health of our organs and reduce and prevent diseases. For this reason, the transition to a healthy diet brings well-being. But when it comes to healthy eating, the most difficult part is choosing a product. Even though we know which products are beneficial, we cannot be sure of which brands’ ingredients are clean and the way they are grown is reliable; we cannot get rid of the questions swirling in our minds, such as whether drugs are used, how is the packaging done, and whether they are really innocent as they say. That’s why, I wanted to share with you the brands that I am sure are healthy with my own research and experience. Because it is very easy to have a healthy diet when you are aware of these brands that nourish really healthy cells, do not use drugs and make packaging without using harmful materials.

Let’s look at which brands you can buy materials that support anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrition, from healthy fat sources to carbohydrate sources, from spices to tea, from nutritional yeast to hemp seeds, and guaranteed to improve and protect intestinal health:

Özgün Zeytincilik

Özgün Zeytincilik is a family business and they have been dealing only with olives and olive oil in Ayvalık since 1955. And they have been selling olive oil since 1990. We can say that olive is their life rather than a business. That’s why, I buy my olive oil from them. They value olives so much that they are devoted to how to bring it together with the customer in the healthiest way possible. The letter that welcomes you when you log in to their website is very sincerely tells how they started olive oil production and that they did not look at olives only for profit, but they produced with natural agriculture without pesticides. The acidity of the best olive oil should be below 2 and cold pressed. Özgün Zeytincilik’s high polyphenol oils have these features. The early harvest olive oil, which is obtained by cold pressing by picking the green olives every year, is also very suitable for salads and breakfasts with its fruity taste. I recommend you to visit Özgün Zeytincilik’s website to buy delicious and healthy olive oil.

Noi Garden

Behind Noi Garden, there is such a dynamic family, with their words; “works in the garden and looks after the trees like their children.” From planting almonds to irrigation, growing and packaging, they avoid all chemicals that harm health. For them, Noi is garden and Aegean almonds are grown in there. And they see Noi as a philosophy they call Noism, and we’re their Noists. If you are one of those who love nature, eat healthy despite living in the city, and love movement and exercise, Noi Garden products are just for you. In addition to almonds and almond paste, if you do not consume dairy products, you should definitely try almond milk capsules, which will make your life much easier. Produced only from almonds, unlike other almond milks, these capsules, which do not contain any thickeners or preservatives, are thrown into the freezer, when you need them, you take them out of the freezer and mix them with water in the blender, and your almond milk is ready. That’s why, almonds are among my first choices when it comes to healthy fat sources, and Noi Garden is among my first choices when it comes to almonds.

Tohumdan Sofraya (From Seed to Table)

I think, any brand can do worse in butter, tomato paste, tarhana and chickpeas than Tohumdan Sofraya. Clarified butter is among the most beneficial oils for health, as it does not contain casein and lactose and does not burn even at high temperatures. I have tried many brands of clarified butter, but I have not come across one that smells as good and delicious as Tohumdan Sofraya. From Tohumdan Sofraya is a fair food workshop that its founder, Ilgın Sayıcı, has developed and transformed step by step with the dream of “ancestral seeds, non-toxic agriculture, clean production, fair products, collective life, a producer union that connects with their food”. Every product sold here is produced with clean agriculture, organically and with love, and all this care is reflected in the flavor of each product. Be sure to visit their website and add butter, tomato paste, chickpeas and tarhana to your basket.

Servet Confectionery

Tahini is one of the most nutritious sources of healthy fats. After trying tahini from many brands, I chose Servet Confectionery’s because they have been producing tahini, halva and Turkish delight since the 1980s. Using the most natural and clean seeds, fruits and nuts, they skillfully make tahini, which never collects at the bottom thanks to its consistency and manages to have the same fluidity in every spoonful. With quality production and organic products, they produce a natural and nutritious tahini, which allows us to enjoy all the health benefits of tahini. The halva I tried alongside tahini is equally delicious and they use date juice instead of refined sugar. It is one of the first alternatives that comes to my mind when I want to have a getaway. I don’t buy tahini other than Servet Confectionery’s tahini to use in salads, on the bowls I make for breakfast, in cakes and cookies, and I recommend you Servet Confectionery for your dishes.

Talya Foods

Buckwheat and pulse flours are the leading sources of quality carbohydrates. The most important feature that distinguishes Talya Foods flours from others is that they are obtained from sprouted seeds and legumes. Sprouting deactivates phytic acid, enabling digestion and mineral absorption. Thanks to sprouting, the vitamins, minerals and enzymes in seeds and legumes increase several times. Thus, the benefits to our health are multiplied. That’s why you can consume Talya Foods’ sprouted, gluten-free, vegan and additive-free pasta, flour and legumes with peace of mind, produced on the basis of pesticide-free agriculture. In addition, I recommend Talya Foods’ products without hesitation due to the fact that there is no odor in any of the pastries I make with sprouted raw buckwheat flour and because of the sensitivity they show in their production.


Pinoa is one of the first brands that come to mind in terms of domestic and cleasn gluten-free flour. Pınar Polat Güven, the founder of brand, devoted herself to producing quinoa on her family lands in Şanlıurfa due to her child’s allergy and cancer in a loved one of her family. Later, it expanded its product range and started the production of sand lentils, baby lentils, Karacadağ rice, chickpeas, dried peas, Küncü sesame and Küncü tahini, all from ancestral seeds. They produce without using any pesticides or chemicals, using traditional methods, even waterless agriculture in appropriate places, and using vermicompost. Rice made with rice, chickpea dish made with chickpeas, lentil salad made with lentils… They all taste like our grandmothers talked about. They warn us on the labels of their legumes that webworm etc. that it might come out. Because they do not use any medicine that will kill the worms and insects and impair our health. I highly recommend the quinoa. The most delicious quinoa pastries, stews and rice are made with Pinoa’s quinoa, let me tell you.

Güzel Ada  Gıda

Cocoa is one of my essentials. Whenever I want something sweet, I make oatmeal with cocoa, apple and tahini. That’s why, I made it my mission to find the best cocoa and decided on Güzel Ada Gıda. You will understand what I mean when you smell the scent that spreads as soon as you open the lid. Both its taste, smell and texture are mouth-watering. Of course, the cocoa coffee that I discovered recently, made by mixing 1 teaspoon of cocoa and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in a coffee pot, also gets its share of this delicious cocoa. The spices, flours and especially the black cumin seed powder of the brand, which was founded in 2012 and says, “You will not find any product that we and our loved ones do not eat on the recipe and sales site,” are equally successful. I will always prefer cocoa and black cumin seed powder with both affordable price and quality.


I would say don’t buy it from anywhere other than Naturiga, the superfood nutritional yeast that takes away the taste of baked vegetables, omelets, salads, soups, pastries, in short, everything that cheese is used in. Actually, this is not an active yeast. Since it needs vitamins, carbon, phosphate, biotin and various minerals to grow, aerobic conditions (oxygenated respiration) are created by providing oxygen to ensure the growth of this yeast, which is grown on sugar sources rich in vitamins and minerals. At the end of the growing period, it is pasteurized and dried to render it inactive and turns into a food containing B-complex vitamins and various minerals. The most important feature is that it contains 47% protein. In this way, it has become indispensable for those who eat vegan. I think everyone who decides not to consume dairy products should buy Naturiga nutritional yeast. Naturiga’s nutritional yeast, which produces in a controlled environment in order to prevent cross-contamination and to obtain quality products, will not only give you the cheese taste you are addicted to, but also provide you with healthy protein, vitamins and minerals. I can say that the way to a dairy-free diet is through Naturiga nutritional yeast.

Çiftlik Günlükleri (Farm Diaries)

We have often heard about the harm of dairy products for our health. The milk and dairy products obtained by confining animals to various drugs, medicated feeds, places much smaller than the barn where they cannot even move, or even cages, contain many chemicals and drugs that trigger autoimmune disorders. In addition, our intestines have difficulty digesting the lactose and casein contained in milk. For this reason, it is not recommended to be consumed. But goat and sheep milk is low in lactose and casein. Our intestines have no difficulty in digesting milk obtained from animals that are fed with alfalfa, barley and oats, as well as olive trees on their huge rocky hills, and kept lovingly and without medication, as well as cheese and ice cream made with this milk, such as the goats of Çiftlik Günlükleri. You can order cheddar cheese, feta cheese, ricotta, strained goat yogurt and ice cream as the latest product from Çiftlik Günlükleri, which says “Animal welfare is our priority and humane animal husbandry is done,” and produces only as much milk as they give without forcing the goats to give milk. and you can enjoy delicious products with peace of mind.


I wanted to leave the most delicate food for last. I know you have many questions about eggs. Organic eggs or cage-free chickens; Should we buy the ones sold in the market, or should we choose the ones we are sure of growing under what conditions? Of course, the best option is to buy eggs from chickens that are fed healthy feeds and have access to nature in your home garden. Unfortunately, this is not possible for all of us. This is where YMRT Farm & Garden, which set out with the motto “Eggs are like diamonds, you should know from whom to buy”, comes into play. They aim to provide people with “healing eggs with chickens that live with the right energy and are fed organically” on their land in Kilyos. Yes, chickens roam here and even listen to classical music. They are not fed any non-organic feed or food. That’s why the eggs they give are really a source of healing. When you cut an already cooked egg, you will understand its naturalness from the color and fragrant smell of the egg before you taste it. That’s why you only need to order eggs from YMRT and enjoy the taste, to get all the healing of the egg by staying away from drugs and chemicals, and most importantly, making sure that the chickens do not lay eggs to death in small coops.

What I determined with my trial and error over the years; the products of these brands, which make non-toxic and drug-free production with the best and most natural agriculture, and value sustainability from packaging to delivery to people, will feed your healthy cells, reduce your chances of getting diseases, and help reduce the symptoms of your current ailments and even help treat them. Of course, it should not be forgotten to mention that they will do all these by cheering your palate. I think, it will be useful for you as you start your journey of healthy eating; I will continue to share the product brands that I have decided on the best by trying each one, researching the growing conditions and going and seeing some of them. Because eating healthy is easy as information is shared.