Wearable Technology Lives Up to Its Name

9 July 2021
Wearable Technology Lives Up to Its Name

The London-based wearable technology studio Petit Pli, which won the Dezeen Design Award with its expandable clothing collection for children in 2018, has launched its first clothing collection for adults, Petit Pli Adultwear.

The new collection is made from mono fiber polyester that adapts to the body shape and the wearer’s size. The clothes were designed as unisex to reduce the damage to the environment, to meet the wearer’s demand and to be suitable for pregnant women.

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Ryan Mario Yasin, founder and CEO of Petit Pli, says that they set out from the goal of adapting the sudden anatomical changes during pregnancy to clothes in harmony with the wearer. He continues that they once again show their philosophy of being sensitive to the environment by reducing consumption with this collection.

The mono-fibre construction is designed to allow clothing to be easier to recycle more quickly when have expired.

Bu Görsel Boş Bir Alt Niteliğe Sahip; Dosya Adı 20210202_01_Mini_Bottoms-0025_2048X2048-1200X1200.Jpeg

The collection consists of outerwear gilet, inner gilet and trousers with elastic bands at the waist. Thanks to the mono-fiber construction, clothes at the end of life can be destroyed without harming the environment and using less energy.