Saye Launches Sneakers Made From Recycled Mango and Cactus

As you know, preferring eco-friendly clothes, accessories and shoes is a trend nowadays. This trend even has becoming a founding purpose of some fashion brands. When Saye was founded 3 years ago, it has showed its respect to nature with more than 200,000 saplings in total by planting 2 tress for each shoe it sells -since using of recyclable materials was not the same as today- and today the brand has begun to produce shoes from cactus, mango and corn thanks to the developing technology.

Choosing the classic Modelo ’89 silhouette for leather-like shoes, Saye not only saves the future by means of its sneakers, but also offers user satisfaction with its comfort.

Modelo ’89 sneakers are made of bamboo lined corn, natural cotton and rubber. The sneakers are also available in nopal cactus and mango options. If you choose the sneakers made from cactus, you will put your foots in cactus leaves; if you choose the sneakers made from mango, you will wear sneakers that made from recycled mangoes by a Dutch entrepreneur.


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