Our Picks from MUBI’s October Movies

We are looking at the movies of the online movie watching platform MUBI in October.

With films such as Filmekimi, Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, “Love, Mark and Death” and “Zuhal” in the vision, October seems to be a full month for moviegoers. It is always another pleasure to watch movies in the city’s most beautiful movie theaters in crowds (we sadly remember that Beyoğlu Cinema is closed at this point in the summer), but for those of us who say that watching movies at home is different, there is a MUBI selection in October as every month. Pedro Almodóvar and Seren Yüce films are featured in this month’s special screenings of the platform.

“Brother’s Keeper”, Ferit Karahan (2021)

“School Shave” is one of the most admired films of the domestic cinema last year. Ferit Karahan, who won the Golden Orange for his movie “Expelled from Paradise”, sits in the director’s chair of the film, which made its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. The film takes place in a boarding school for boys, far from the city, which is governed by oppression and discipline. What happened to Memo, one of the students of the school, when he became mysteriously ill, ignites a mysterious plot that resembles a detective story. This mysterious illness, which turns Memo’s best friend Yusuf and all the teachers of the school into suspects, turns into an emotional story of friendship and guilt, while strengthening its effect layer by layer with its subtexts.

“The Spider and the Girl”, Ramon Zürcher, Silvan Zürcher (2021)

“Spider and Girl”, which tells about the emotional turmoil of two roommates who decided to separate their house, is the second film of the trilogy called “People Together” by the Zürcher Brothers.

“House Arrest”, Aleksey German Jr., (2021)

Master director Aleksey German Jr.’s 2021 film “House Arrest” draws the landscape of freedom of expression in today’s Russia, centered around a literature professor struggling with pressure from the city government due to his criticism from social media.

“The Hotel of Waifs”, Rıdvan Karaman (2018)

Directed by Rıdvan Karaman, “The Nobody’s Hotel” introduces the audience to a place where the homeless, the needy and the excluded take shelter and describe the spirit of comradeship there.

“The African Desperate” by Martine Syms (2022)

“The African Desperate” is a growth story directed by American artist Martine Syms, who works in fields such as video and installation, and is also a sarcastic journey with an ironic eye to the art world.

Pedro Almodóvar Movies

Featuring many stars such as Antonio Banderas, Penélope Cruz and Gael García Bernal, this special selection of 15 films Almodóvar opens a door to explore the passion, colors and emotions on the canvas of one of the most passionate storytellers of our time. One of these 15 films is “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown”, made in 1988.

A Seren Yüce Double Bill

Golden Orange award-winning director Seren Yüce’s first film, “The Majority,” and our second film, “The Lotus Swinging in the Wind,” after six years, take their place in MUBI’s October list with their narratives that put the upper middle class family at the center. We see Bartu Küçükçağlayan, Settar Tanrıöğen and Songül Öden among the actors of these two films, which look at today’s Turkey from a class perspective.

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