Oliver Peoples and Brunello Cucinelli Pay Tribute to Hollywood

Designed by Brunello Cucinelli and Oliver Peoples, the new eyewear line does not only protect from the sun light, but also make your summer style more sophisticated.

Before reading this article, you might picture yourself sipping a drink in a retro bar as the sun slowly sets over Hollywood hill in the middle of 1900s (I would choose the 60s when hippie movement originated). The article begins with such a daydream because we will write an article about the new eyewear line designed by Oliver Peoples and Brunello Cucinelli, which is inspired by the golden age of Hollywood.

Interpreting Hollwoody’s heritage designs with the season’s new colors and modern handcrafted details, the collection consists of four new styles. Capanelle has square-shaped frames with metal details on the bridge and frame. Another sophisticated design Gerardo draws attention with its acetate frame and metal temple. Eduardo comes with pantho-shaped lenses, whilst Jep has classic thick acetate inlay. The eyewear collection inspired by the famous glasses of James Dean and Marlon Brando particularly.

If you want to catch James Dean’s wily and charismatic attitude in “Rebel Youth” before the summer ends, you can buy these eyeweras at Brunello Cucinelli and Oliver Peoples stores and on the websites of the brands.

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