Microsoft Retires Windows 10

19 July 2021
Microsoft Retires Windows 10
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As many people know, Microsoft was giving the signals that creating a new milestone for a while. Eventually, the company has introduced Windows 11, which is currently in beta version.

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The new operating system, new Windows store, which draws attention with its support for running Android applications, and operating system simplified user interface will be offered free of charge to Windows 10 users at first step.

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With the new operating system offering a new store and support for Android applications, the information that several applications that are not available in the Windows application store will be supported, excited the users. Collaborating with Amazon and Intel for this project, Microsoft has announced that the new operating system will use Intel Bridge technology to run Android applications.

Another highlight about Windows 11 is that it has a new centered “Start” menu and an updated “Start” button.

Furthermore, new software features a separate search interface with the new Start menu, applications, and recent document option.

Microsoft Teams, one of the most preferred applications of the pandemic, takes its place directly in the taskbar for Windows 11.

Bu Görsel Boş Bir Alt Niteliğe Sahip; Dosya Adı Windows-11-Accessibility-Screen-1240X697.Jpg

Announcing that it will also develop the Xbox App with Windows 11, the company will integrate xCloud into the new operating system. By the looks of it, xCloud, which enables video game playing over the cloud system, will be the hallmark of Windows 11.

Although release date is not yet certain, with launching of Windows 11, Windows 10 will also be retired in 2025.