Hermès Creates a New Skin

Diamonds may be girls’ best friend, but the Hermès Lignes Sensible Collection promises a little more: a second gracious skin!

Undoubtedly, we are not only looking for sparkle of jewelry, but also their forms and harmony with human body. All these features reveal the precious of diamonds. At this point, the craftsmanship plays a crucial role and the real shine of diamonds come from that talent of designer.

New Hermès Lignes Sensible Collection exists within the structure and shape of body. The collection is designed by Pierre Hardy and celebrates the sensual radiance of body with drop stones and complex geometric forms. Even the lines of the collection resemble the curves that around the body, like sketches on the skin.

On the other hand, stone in watercolor blend with the softness of red gold. These tones capture specific shadows for skin tone, the lips, or the iris. The color palette of the collection is wide: the common feature of blue, pink, green, yellow, orange and brown rubies and diamonds is that they come to life as mysterious and unique, just like the skin.

“In my previous collections, the link with the body was achieved through metaphors, such as the chain. Here it is direct: the jewellery is closer than ever to the body itself. I wanted to return to this symbiosis: to be at one with the skin.”

À l’écoute line combines a ring and a bracelet and worn like a grove.
Hermès Réseau Lumière necklace is designed with 356 sapphires of various hues set in white gold.
Ondes Miroirs necklace is in rose gold with black rhodium plating and cream moonstone accents, a pavé-set collar and long brown diamond chains. The necklace wraps around the neck.