Correlation Betwwen Travel and Music

4 February 2021
Correlation Betwwen Travel and Music

Now, travel is like a beautiful dream for us, but companies see the light end of the tunnel and start their cooperation.  

Headphone company Master & Dynamic, which allows you to rediscover the songs you have been listening for years thanks to its superior sound quality, and bespoke luggage-maker Away collaborate. The colloboration between these two brands brinhs together musicality and travel passion.

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The headphones which come with a bag or suitcase option, increase serotonin of travel lovers , and ignites curiousity on those who see travel as a remote possibility.While the lining of the luggages and bags are inspired by sound waves, pocket are design to carry whatever is related to music with them. The capsule with bag and headphones provides a perfect comfort thanks to noise cancelling headphones both in unplanned trips and in-depth planned trips.

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The proceeds from the collection will go to Musicare, a non-profit serving the music community that helping provide relief surrounding the pandemic. Both companies feel admiration for each other’s design talent and the collaboration comes with this admiration. 

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