A World Tour with Delvaux

Founded in 1829, Belgian luxury leather bag house Delvaux is organizing a world tour homage on its anniversary.

Sending greetings to the countries where the brand’s bags created by master craftsmen have been considered valuable for years, Delvaux turns the iconic values of the countries into tiny bag charms. Thus, the brand invests both in its design and in the market of country in it is located.

Charms are designed in small sizes, yet they have very deep meanings, and they are expressed as a symbol of our strong bond with each other wherever we are in the world.

As versions of the iconic Brillant pattern created in 1958, these charms are produced by using sophisticated techniques such as screen printing, embossing and UV screen serigraphy.

Many miniature city charms such as Milan, New York, London, Paris and Tokyo are available in stores and on the internet.