A Netflix Series That Written by Engin Günaydın: “Man on Pause”

Written by Engin Günaydın, Man on Pause will be released on Netflix on October 7.

The black comedy “Andropoz”, which brings together Engin Günaydın and Taylan Biraderler years after Vavien, is coming to Netflix on October 7. Taylan Biraderler sits in the director’s chair of the series written by Engin Günaydın. As you might remember, Taylan Biraderler directed Saints for Netflix last year. Günaydın, who also plays the lead role in the series, is accompanied by Derya Karadaş.

As the title suggests, the series is about a man going through a mid-life crisis: Yusuf, a man in his 50s, married with two children, lives a modest life with his family in Marmaris. As his body ages, Yusuf wants to change his appearance and lifestyle, and his biggest dream is to leave the house he and Meryem have lived in since their marriage and move to a house by the sea. The story will focus on Yusuf’s family relationships with his sister and brother-in-law during his struggle to buy this house, while also humorously touching on the dark sides of the rich world of Mahmut Timuçin, the owner of the house Yusuf wants to buy.

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