10 Interesting Facts About “Better Call Saul”

12 August 2022
10 Interesting Facts About “Better Call Saul”

Here are interesting facts of Better Call Saul, whose final episode will air on August 16…

Better Call Saul, which is portrayed a Breaking Bad character Saul Goodman, has been one of the best shows in television history since it began airing on AMC in the winter of 2015. The idea of making a sequel series that portraying Saul Goodman, actually came not after “Breaking Bad” ended, but while the series was still showing. Indeed, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, often joked that they would make a series focusing on Saul Goodman. When it comes to a strong character like Saul Goodman, this idea was not just a joke but a reality.

And nowadays, Better Call Saul says goodbye to the screens with the final episode that will air on August 16, which means we will be saying goodbye not only to Saul Goodman, who is one of the strangest lawyers of all time, but also to the “Breaking Bad” universe. We don’t know, if one of the characters from Breaking Bad will come back to our lives one day, but Vince Gilligan said in an interview that Better Call Saul will have a better finale than Breaking Bad. While we are waiting for the finale episode, let us take a trip behind the scenes and look at the interesting facts about Better Call Saul.

10 Interesting Facts About “Better Call Saul”
Saul Goodman is working at a Cinnabon branch in New Mexico in the first episode

1- Better Call Saul Was Almost a Comedy

The producer Vince Gilligan and screenwriter Peter Gould originally envisioned Better Call Saul as a comedy series. Just as Breaking Bad is a series that is 80 percent drama and 20 percent comedy, they planned Better Call Saul as a half-hour comedy at the opposite rate. However, things changed when they focused on the depths of Saul Goodman. “Something Unforgivable”, the final episode of fifth season was even nominated for the American Screenwriters Guild Award for Best Drama Series Episode Screenplay for Television.

2- Almost Same Theme with Breaking Bad

The fact that the music of Better Call Saul sounds similar to that of Breaking Bad when listened closely is a detail that does not escape the followers of both series. According to a report in Mental Floss, Dave Porter, the composer of the music of both series, worked on the notes of the song he composed for Breaking Bad for the music of this sequel. The soundtracks of the series are as follows:

3- Opening Scene, A Reference to Breaking Bad

The second season of Breaking Bad opened with ominous black and white sequence foreshadowing what was to come for the White family. The opening sequence of Better Call Saul is also in black and white. “If I’m lucky, month from now, best case scenario, I’m managing a Cinnabon in Omaha”, Saul says as he leaves town in the “Granite State” episode of Breaking Bad. And the opening scene of the first episode of Better Call Saul, we see Saul working in a Cinnabon.

4- Stanley Kubrick Effect

The visual style of Better Call Saul is different from Breaking Bad, and the traces of the famous director Stanley Kubrick can be seen in the frames.

5- A Stuntman Suzuki Esteem

Since Saul’s famous Suzuki Esteem is an old car, a stunt car like Suzuki Esteem was designed for more challenging scenes.

10 Interesting Facts About “Better Call Saul”
10 Interesting Facts About “Better Call Saul”

6- The Return of Gus Fring is Hidden in the Initials of the First Two Seasons

Combining the initials of the episodes from the first two seasons of “Better Call Saul” forms an anagram of “FRINGSBACK”. Gus Fring, who is one of the most iconic characters of “Breaking Bad”, joined “Better Call Saul” in the third season.

10 Interesting Facts About “Better Call Saul”
10 Interesting Facts About “Better Call Saul”

7- All Episodes of the First Season Ends with “O”

Another interesting fact that titles of the first five episodes of first season end with “O”: “Uno”, “Mijo”, “Nacho”, “Hero” and “Jello”.

8- Saul Goodman Has a Real Website

Like How I Met Your Mother, Better Call Saul has an active website. is an active website with with clichéd and hilarious infomercials and live office cams that connect to not-so-competent lawyers.

9- Bob Odenkirk’s Heart Attack on the Set of Better Call Saul

Last July, Odenkirk had a heart attack during filming on the set of Better Call Saul in New Mexico and was first treated by the first aid team on set. Odenkirk told Radio Times that his co-star Rhea Seehorn held his hand and calmed him down, saying that if there was no one on set to perform CPR, he might not have survived.

10 Interesting Facts About “Better Call Saul”
Bob Odenkirk Is Nominated For Best Actor At The 2022 Emmy Awards For His Role In Better Call Saul.

10- A Prediction for Final Episode

One of the interesting comments is from Reddit: According to the prediction of a user, Better Call Saul could end with Jimmy being sent to prison to pay for his crimes. If Jimmy survives but goes to jail, his fate will be pitched midway between that of the Breaking Bad universe’s other protagonists, Walt and Jesse. If Jimmy survives and only goes to prison, as Vince Gilligan says, it could be a better ending than Breaking Bad.