We Will Stay at A Space Hotel in 2027

Even though it is obvious that our expectation of future is that can walk around the street freely,  we sure that some of us can’t wait for extrem developments. However, the main question is in this world of dream that how many of us can dream to travel to space? How many of us would pining for a vacation in space? 

Although there is no limit to dreams, the only place was The Jetsons in which we can dream a spa experience in space, having an enjoyful dinner in a luxury space restaurant or a space concert. Under the circumstances, Voyager Station makes a detailed explanation: “ Dream big, because your new travel destination in 2027 will be in space.”

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Hotel, which Voyager Station plans to open in 2027, although it looks like a ferris wheel, interior of hotel is same with luxury hotels that we have familiar. Hotel will have rooms for up to 280 people, there will be restaurants, spa, gyms, concert venue and scientific research pods.

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The company does not want to see visitors that floating at zero gravity, so they eliminate this problem with artifical gravity which created by using centrifugal force. All you have to do is pay 5 million dolar for a three-day vacation, then get on a space shuttle and enjoy your space vacation.