The Art of Pajamas

We don’t know how many tracksuit we wore during lackdown, how many sweatshirt we wore instead of business attire. However, we are aware that this habit affects whole world because of new normal times of Covid19. Homewear segment has been added to the fixed collections of even many luxury fashion brands. Sweetpants, hoodies, pajamas are selling more than ever. Comfortable clothing pieces make their way into the bestseller list with pandemic conditions. At this point, we emphasize that you should feel good while feeling comfortable. Because even if we are at home and wear our comfortable clothes, we believe that pajamas also has a style. Tekla’s home textile products which makes this idea company policy and draw attention with its organic production approach and the values it adopts, lead the list of needs.

The shirt and pant pajama sets, which the brand recently offered for sale, have a positive effect on sleep patterns and time spent at home, thank to their organic texture and breathable fabric. Surely, it doesn’t neglect to underline that we can achieve a stylish appearance even with pajamas.