Loubi Airways Experience

Could it be a coincidence that designers who has inspired by life has iconic brands?

Christian Louboutin, who became a famous footwear designer thanks to his exaggerated version of the high-heeled shoes in a museum sign, he was also inspired by his assistant’s red nail polish for his iconic red soles. In this case, we want to ask that; designer just recently introduced his Autumun/Fall 2021 collection, does he refer to travel destination which he missed with Loubi Airways?

In demand designer made his first digital presentation with Loubiworld last season, and now he is opening digital world, which he dreamed of, with Airways Coincidence. Loubi Airways designed with futuristic perspective of architect Eoro Saarinen, continues its trip from the iconic TWA terminal by offering a surprise flight experience.

Collection presents French Vichy pattern with Louboutin perspective as well as bright colors. It also does not compromise on style, it is enough to look at Loubicrew to see it. This season, brand visibly changes its route to comfort.

Brand is inspired by tarot cards for Carabaca bags and shoes; retro posters, flowers and movie scenes for suitcases. Designer tries an unusual way for pool slides and offers a style in faux fur and solft velvets.