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The Most Romantic Songs for Valentine's Day
Here are the most romantics songs for Valentine’s Day.
Remembering Barış Manço
Christmas Songs
Still Alive, Still Rolling Stones…
“The Celebration Tour”
Farewell to Özkan Uğur
Fathers in Songs…
Here are some songs that give meaning to Father’s Day.
Lost Record of Charles Mingus
A Nihilism Pertaining to Depeche Mode
An Iconic 40-Year-Old Synth Pop Gem: Sweet Dreams
“Sweet Dreams” represents one of the cutting edge of studio creativity, even 40 years later…
Cecile McLorin Salvant: Star of 2022
Salvant has been a game changer since she joined to the world of jazz. Her boldest album to date is Ghost Song.
Still A Legend, Still A Queen: Freddie Mercury
The legendary Freddie Mercury is one of the most idiosyncratic characters in music history. And he continues to sign songs, still.
Murderer's Death…
With the death of Jerry Lee Lewis, there are no members left of the early Rock 'n' Roll. American music will never see another like him.
Fortress of Gold: ABBA
The ABBA name has always lived on, becoming one of the music industry's strongest sources of income. It still continues to happen, with “ABBA Gold”…
Three Albums in a Box and 50 Years: Paul McCartney
Standing tall despite his advanced age in which everyone is already retired, Paul McCartney is here with a three-record album: “McCartney I/II/III”.
Always and Forever Young Chet…
Remembering Chet Baker, who is one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to jazz.
The One and Only: İlhan İrem
Any way you cut it, the most beautiful word to be written for İlhan İrem in Turkish pop and rock history book will be "unique".
Grace Jones Myth
Now she is 74 years old and perhaps the most successful character that created in pop music culture. It is not possible to see artists like Grace Jones.
You've Always Been Here, Yet Welcome Elvis Presley
Fairy of Timeless Songs: Kate Bush  
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