Aykun Taşdöner

The 30-Year Story of the “Italian Made” Coffee Bean
Italians, who curated their lives perfectly with their refined tastes, perhaps had only one thing missing: The beans of their coffees, which are identified with their culture, were not labeled "Made in Italy"! This is changing now, with the changing climate and the initiatives of a long-established family that is fascinated by coffee...
Loewe and The Adventurous World of Studio Ghibli
Jonathan Anderson invites us into Hayao Miyazaki’s magical universe for the third and last time!
The Highlights of Paris Fashion Week
Paris Fashion Week offered us the creativity and drama that we wanted after even kneel Milan!
All the Highlights of Milan Fashion Week
The new era opened in Gucci and Etro, Emporio Armani taking flight, and Prada, which put the basic principles of fashion on the table... Milan Fashion Week, which spanned several days, was short but full of innovations...
Remembering Japanese Designer Issey Miyake…
The iconic Bao Bao bags, Pleats Please and an innovative, and avant-garde style hidden between futuristic forms! And here is the legacy of visionary and minimalist Japanese designer.
Herald of the Future
Taking Jonathan Anderson's wearable screens and the Spring/Summer 2023 men's collection inspired by nature as our starting point, a quick look at the collaborations of high fashion with science and sustainability!