Climate Change is rewriting the rules of the game. You can take a step toward a better future by choosing the countries and hotels that stand out with environmentalist policies and sustainability projects in your holiday plans.

The much-anticipated Cheval Blanc Paris is opening its doors on September 7.

We have compiled the golden clues for those who want to explore Tokyo with avoiding from the crowds due to pandemic.

The Australian-based travel brand July has introduced the Carry on Light collection, which it launched with the philosophy of weighs less so you can carry more.

To get you inspired, we look through some of the world’s most beautiful beaches that each located on a private reserve or island dominated by extraordinary resorts.

As the Marmara Sea and its around is surrounded by mucilage, we went south for new dive rotations and took a look at the dive sites on the Hatay coast, which is called as “Red Sea” of the Eastern Mediterranean.

“Your body exists in the past and your mind exists in the future. In yoga, they come together in the present.”

If museums and art galleries are the top of your travel itinerary, it will be a real privilege to sleep in hotels, which housed valuable collections in their rooms and even in bathrooms.

Nowadays when back to nature is celebrated with enthusiasm, famous hotel companies one after another put resorts, which consists of canvas suites and villa, into service.

Have you ever taken a romantic trip abroad with train?