From the USA to China and Europe these pet-friendly hotels take the holiday comfort of your pets one step further with special welcome, paw massages, meals and walks…

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I'm at one of the flea markets in Berlin. Old watches, coffee cups, analog cameras, black-and-white photographs and paintings... While looking for something to decorate the walls of my new home, my eyes catch on to the mountains rising behind a giant plateau that stretches as far as I can see. I'm getting a little closer. The photo was taken in the summer. The mountain peaks are bare and there isn't a cloud in the sky. That's right for cycling!

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The adventure that a Venetian Italian family began with an ordinary restaurant in 1931 continues today with the concept of a luxury club serving with a membership system in New York and Milan.

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Ellen DeGeneres gifted a new campus to Africa’s largest gorilla research and conversation center with a donation of $5.9 million through the foundation that bears her name.

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Yas Island, the artificial island built for Formula 1, is one of the luxury tourism addresses of recent times as an entertainment, shopping, and holiday area. While the track of Formula 1 pilots on the asphalt has not disappeared yet, we take a look at the most attractive addresses of Yas Island.

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