A Digital World in 70 Thousand Square Meters

Museum visits are at the top of the to-do lists for art lovers during overseas travels. However, museum visits continue to disappoint both art and travel lovers due to the pandemic measures.

Under these circumstances, museums have adapted to pandemic conditions and became the art pioneers of the digital age of today in a time that it seems impossible, at least for now, to see brushstrokes of an artist or essence works that harmoniously shaped a marble in a museum.

The Louvre Museum, which is like a bridge between soul of past and future, and meeting point of modern age, the largest museum of the world, also found a way to open its doors to visitors.

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Although there are limited sections for now, those who visit the museum, which opens its doors to art lovers in the digital environment, will be able to enjoy about 482, 000 pieces of art from the Mona Lisa to the coronation of Napoleon at their home.

The Louvre Museum has been visited 14.1 million visitors in 2019, it is also estimated that visitors number of The Louvre Museum digital platform will higher than 2019.

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