A Collection Inspired by John Cocteau

Gabrielle Chanel’s restored apartment at 31 rue Cambon opened its doors for Chanel Cruise 2021/22 Collection. Both collection and press kit were inspired by Jean Cocteau’s film Testament of Orpheus.

Testament of Orpheus is a black and white film that includes fantastic elements in which the French poet and director Jean Cocteau tells a poetic love story. This famous movie inspires Virginie Viard’s Cruise 2021/22 Collection. Because Gabrielle Chanel was close to Cocteau, and Viard loves the film Testament of Orpheus. Thus, Viard revives a black and white dream in her new collection. The collection was photographed in Gabrielle Chanel’s apartment. Indeed, Chanel manages to turn disadvantages of pandemic into a nostalgic journey.

The poetic story of Cocteau’s film made Viard want to create a very clean and distinct collection. Two contrast color, which is also signature of the brand, are used in the collection: Black and white. Leather, beads, sequins, and fringes were used on designs. The collection recalls the punk spirit of sixties. It is also a modern inspiration of the film.

Inez & Vinoodh photographed six outfits for the press kit in Gabrielle Chanel’s recently restored apartment at 31 rue Cambon. Because Gabrielle Chanel’s symbols and her soul were there. There were also memories of her close friends, including John Cocteau. “Her life gives us access to characters just as extraordinary as herself,” says Viard. A clean collection is created from the spirit of sixties with combination of Gabrielle Chanel’s inspiration and Virginie Viard’s talented touches.